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Family Hawaii

From you first steps onto the Islands, you’ll receive an amazing, warm welcome. Aloha culture fosters family and respect for your elders.

It is not unusual to find multi-generational families living under the same roof. This respect extends to the land and the Hawaiian culture too. If you’re not careful, your kids might catch a value or two while vacationing…

Hawaii encourages its visitors out-of-doors. Mom, dad, son, daughter, grandma and grandpa will all be drawn to and enjoy the natural beauty and outdoor life of the Islands. You have to experience the Polynesian way of life and then you’ll know and feel Aloha.

Another amazing reason to choose Hawaii is the unparalleled choices and things you can explore with your family. Visit beaches with sand of nearly every color from darkest black to fine white powder, tidal pools, snorkeling, kayaking, hula dancing, whale watching, golfing, fishing or visit a dude ranch. Hike trails through mountains, volcanoes or shopping malls. Visit the Onizuka Center for International Astronomy on a snow-capped mountain on the Big Island to star gaze at night.

Hawaii offers an experience so distinct from any other that many speak of the Islands as having changed their entire perspective on life. That is the stuff that memories are made of, and memories are the stuff that gives meaning to family travel.