Destination Wedding Planning

1. Avoid Stress: Find a good travel agent. They will handle the stress and your wedding better.

2. Listen to your travel agents advice rather than the rumor mills. A good travel agent has probably visited many of the choices they are giving you. They know the property.

3. Don’t be concerned if the wedding coordinator at the resort is not in touch with you eight month before the wedding. They are professionals and doing several weddings daily-they know how much time it takes to plan the perfect day.

4. Pick an all-inclusive hard rock hotel for your destination wedding. My brides and grooms can’t say enough about their wedding experiences at Hard rock. They are very economical after you add all of the perks!

5. If your guests are happy you will be happy. Pick a place that will be accessible from your area. There are several Caribbean and Mexico flights per day and your travel agent can give your guests their personal choices.

6. Plan a welcome party for your guests at the property their first night there. It will give your guests a chance to get to know each other. All inclusive hard rock hotel does a wonderful job with their welcome receptions in Punta Cana!

7. How about setting up a tee time for the golfers in your group? The golf club will help you out and is a great alternative to a day at the pool. Resort credits at hard rock hotel and casino Punta Cana can be used to pay for golf! Or a spa day for the ladies credits can also be used for that.

8. There is a 10 dollar entry fee cash only into Punta Cana. They now make it very easy to pre purchase this online and avoid a long line upon entry. Your travel agent can help.

9. Have you thought about a sunset ceremony? It frees up the day for your guests that want to make the most of their trip, and the pictures come out beautiful.

10. How about doing a symbolic ceremony? Mexico has stringent rules for destination weddings and still requires blood tests. Other countries have different requirements. Your travel agent can give you all the information required but my brides and grooms have often opted to elope beforehand and do a non-legal wedding at the destination.

11. What is your budget? It is a good idea to plan ahead as to what you want to spend well in advance. This way you will have few worries while traveling and enjoy your trip much more. Surprisingly the Caribbean and Mexico locations are more affordable that the domestic locations.

12. Finally, plan on having a wonderful experience. The day will go more quickly that you think, so enjoy it!